Image credit; Diago Edwards, Merzouga, 2014.


"Hi there mary, what's up!
I'm the guy from Chile u met a few days ago, the one who took the funny photo of the two little cows stranded in the desert looking for help... lol
This email is just to have you in my contacts, god forbid, but one always can get his phone stolen (or just lost)
I'm writing u from beautiful dakhla (ever heard about this place?? Google it if u haven't!) Unfortunately, a bit sick, I had to stay in bed today, lucky me that at least I'm laying in bed in a nice and clean place, small bungalow on the seaside, this beach is awesome!
Did u get your cow-photo already?
Did u like it?
Did I do a good work????? :-0
Hope I did!!
Alright mary, before saying goodbye I have to tell u that it was an honour meeting you, you're very special, kind of cool, I don't meet people as fun (and beautiful) like you everyday
Did I turn this into a love letter???
Well, it's not the idea of course, but I really mean it when I say that you are something else (that, in Spanish at least, has a very good connotation)
Hope you never change mary!!!
Big hug from my deathbed :-(, take care, and keep in touch
Good luck in edimbo"rough", Glasgow, or wherever u are right now
As for me, I'll Continue my travel experience tomorrow, today is just resting (and writing love letters ;-) ).

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